Windalia Town is the fourth set of quests in the Story Area, and is part of the Town Series. Monsters here are all wind units. There are no Dark, Light, or Void Panels.

Mob List

Square Monster Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
1, 2, 3, 4 053-icon 50 94 2 3

053-iconLV. 1

3, 4, 5, 6, ! 065-icon 49 107 3 2


LV. 1

5, 6, ! 077-icon 56 190 3 3 077-iconLV. 1
41 10 2000 1

LV. 1

Quest 1 - Whereabouts of the Wind (風の行方) 

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
3 1 10 120

Boss Monster

Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
054-icon 55 1162 5 2


LV. 1

A gentle, tranquil breeze blew. Like a caress to the heart, the city of wind, <Windalia>, had a nice breeze throughout the year. And, riding in that gentle wind, arrived a wind devil. In order to track down the whereabouts of the floating fluffy evil wind, rely on the rumors of the wind.

Quest 2 - Rising Whirlwinds (起きる旋風)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
3 1 17 120

Boss Monster

Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
090-icon 81 1362 18 3


LV. 1

Suddenly, a whirlwind arises instead of a gentle breeze that flows through the wind capital, a superior rough and violent wind. The one bodied high wind machine sparked, and changed the air of the city. To strike the wind, use the power of burning flames. A headwind blows to its destination.

Quest 3 - Young Green Dragon (緑の幼竜)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
5 1 33 160
Boss Monster Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
034-icon 90 2217 10 4


LV. 1

A green shadow shot through the sky freely, it is a green wyrmling. Small wing-beats accelerated, tornadoes were born, a cluster strikes the city of wind. The dragon flying in the sky, the occurrence of the tornado, the people remember the horror.

-First Completion Reward: 20px-Coin2x1

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