This is the Others section. You can find a lot of information here.

The first tab is the お知らせ (News) one.

最新情報 (Latest News) - Link to the official news page.

ミスターディバイン (Mister Divine) - Link to the official Twitter PR account.

ファミ通app 攻略 (Famitsuapp Game Tips) - Link to the Famitsuapp's game guide. Also has the 4koma.

App Bank 攻略 (App Bank Game Tips) - Link to the App Bank's game guide

ユニットDB (Unit Database) - The official unit database.

初心者道場 (Beginners' Training) - Several informations for new players.

イベントスケジュール (Event Schedule) - Shows which events are currently running, and which ones will be coming next.


お知らせ (News) - The main information page with links to official websites.

オプション (Options) - You can turn BGM (Background Music, SE (Sound Effects), and Guide (In-game help) on or off.

クエスト図鑑 (Quest Catalog) - Details of the quests you've cleared so far.

サポート (Support) - It displays your ID and contains a button that directs you to the help section of the official site.

基本ルール (Basic Rules), テクニック (Technical), お得情報 (Useful Information) - Game info, such as how to play, game mechanics, etc.


名前変更 (Rename) - Change your ingame name.

購入履歴 (Tip Check) - Purchase history for chips (free and paid.)

クレジット (Credit) - Game credits.

ライセンス (Licence) - License information.

タイトルへ (Title) - Tapping on this button takes you back to the title screen.


アプリ終了 (End Appli) - Quits the game.

データ削除 (Reset) - Resets your game data.

規約/その他 (Agreement/Others) - Privacy policy and other rules.

(Android) バックアップ (Backup) - Use your Google account to make a backup of your game data.

ユーザー実績 (User Achievements) - Shows your achievements and leaderboards.

プッシュ通知 (Notification) - Choose on which occasion you would like to receive a notification.