Normal Skills which use different panels or uncommon combinations.

Panels Target Strength Unit
30px-Light30px-Aqua All 1.6x ATK 60px-310-icon
30px-Light30px-Dark Single 1.6x ATK 60px-256-icon555-icon
30px-Light30px-None Single 1.0x ATK 60px-376-icon
30px-Light30px-None Single 1.6x ATK 60px-254-icon60px-310-icon60px-377-icon553-icon
30px-Light30px-Wind Single 1.6x ATK 60px-309-icon
30px-Dark30px-None Single 1.0x ATK 60px-382-icon60px-422-icon
30px-Dark30px-None Single 1.6x ATK 60px-252-icon50px-490-icon
30px-None30px-Fire Single 1.0x ATK 60px-418-icon
30px-Aqua30px-Wind Single 1.6x ATK 50px-486-icon
30px-Fire30px-Aqua Single 1.6x ATK 50px-488-icon
30px-Fire30px-Wind Single 1.6x ATK 551-icon
30px-Heal30px-Heal Single 1.0x ATK 60px-462-icon
30px-Heal30px-Heal Single 1.6x ATK 60px-463-icon
30px-Dark30px-Light30px-None Single 2.3x ATK 60px-258-icon
30px-Fire30px-Wind30px-Light All 1.6x ATK 60px-377-icon
30px-None30px-None30px-None30px-Dark All 1.6x ATK 60px-314-icon
30px-Fire30px-Fire30px-Fire30px-Light All 1.6x ATK 60px-304-icon
30px-Heal30px-Aqua30px-Wind30px-Dark All 2.8x ATK 60px-218-icon
30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal All 1.0x ATK 533-icon
30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal All 1.8x ATK 534-icon60px-456-icon
30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal30px-Heal All 2.5x ATK 60px-457-icon
30px-Fire30px-Aqua30px-Wind30px-Light30px-Dark All 4.0x ATK 60px-321-icon
30px-None30px-Wind30px-Fire30px-Aqua30px-Dark All 4.0x ATK 60px-436-icon

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