474-icon Unit


Oz, the Clown Dragon Attribute Fire Cost 25
No. 474 Rarity ★6 Race Dragon Max Lv 99
Basic Stats

Initial HP


Final HP

3200 Exp Type Type 5 Exp Curve 5000000
Initial ATK 738 Final ATK 2514 Fodder Exp Lv.*630 Price Lv.*420
Skills Leader Skill Name Fire Dragon Rise: Assault III
Effect 2.5x ATK to Fire or Dragon units.
Active Skill Name All-less: Fire Default Cooldown 21 Min Cooldown 10
Effect Turns all panels into Fire panels.
Normal Skill 1 Name Flare Stage Activation Fire-iconFire-icon
Effect Extra Large Fire damage to a single enemy.
(3x ATK)
Normal Skill 2 Name Clown Trick Activation Fire-iconFire-iconFire-iconFire-icon
Effect Large Fire damage to all enemies.
(1.8x ATK)
Passive Skill Name
How to Obtain Friend Scratch No Rare Scratch No Other Evolved from Oz
Evolution 473-iconEvoto474-icon
Friend Race Friend Level Friend Element Evolution Quest
Link Bonus Min Lv.: HP+43 ATK+86

Max Lv.: HP+166 ATK+333

Link Race Bonus BOOST ATK+15%
Link Skill {{{link skill}}}
Link Passive Link Panel Up: Fire II
Increases Fire panels' appearance rate by 10%
Link Material 1769-icon181-icon181-icon
Link Cost as Base Unit Money142968
Unlink Cost as Base Unit Money8578
The dragons that he called upon were concealed by a large mantle. “Let me show you my next magic.” From his mantle he revealed the six dragons that have thrown away their beastly forms and turned into blades. Fire, water, wind, light, dark, void; as if these powers were acting in concert, six lights descended. “This is all just magic.” Oz, the Clown dragon gave a deep bow and closed the night of the end.


  • He ranked 9th, 12th, 17th, 24th, 21st, and 26th consecutively in the 2nd through 7th official Divine Gate popularity polls.
  • His favorite food was Dorothy's cooking, such as omu rice with cucumber in it.
  • He appears to be in his mid-twenties.
  • He is old friends with Noah, the Dragon Queen.[1]
  • He used to be the Highest Executive in the World Council. At that point of time, as the Dragon World still has not joined the Merged World, as a dragon, he was a special existence in the Merged World. And thus, he had authoritative power. Though, it is not known how he came to know Loki even when they were the main culprits of the Twilight Judgment.[2]
  • [Divine Academy] Oz's profile: The young boy who would never attend school, had already became a sixth year student by the time he realized it. As he has an instinctive dislike towards Arthur who is part of the Discipline Committee, "I'll remove you from your position someday," he schemes. Hm? Could it be that Arthur is also a grade repeater!? [3]
  • From Takano's memo, [Divine Academy] Oz : He still doesn't attend school as expected. However, a possible reason why he began attending school a little recently, is because the all-boys school had changed into co-education school, and Dorothy had entered the school.[4]
  • He speaks in a polite manner, referring himself as "僕" and adding "です" to the end of his sentences.
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  1. Translation: "I'll show you magic more wonderful than dreams."
  2. Translation: "I'll show you magic more wonderful than dreams."

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