Anemone Attribute Fire Cost 8
No. 357 Rarity ★4 Race Fairy Max Lv 70
Basic Stats

Initial HP


Final HP

1010 Exp Type Type 2 Exp Curve 519958
Initial ATK 202 Final ATK 503 Fodder Exp Lv.*450 Price Lv.*150
Skills Leader Skill Name Move Heal
Effect Everytime you move to another square, you recover 5% of HP.
Active Skill Name Heartless: Fire Default Cooldown 19 Min Cooldown 10
Effect Turns all Heal panels into Fire ones.
Normal Skill 1 Name Fire Ball Activation Fire-iconFire-icon
Effect Small Fire damage to a single enemy.
(1.0x ATK)
Normal Skill 2 Name Fire Heal II Activation HealHealFire-icon
Effect Heals 20% of HP.
Passive Skill Name
How to Obtain Friend Scratch No Rare Scratch Yes Other Evolved from Tiny Anemone
Evolution 50px-356-iconEvoto50px-357-icon
Friend Race Friend Level Friend Element Evolution Quest
Link Bonus Min Lv.: HP+19 ATK+38

Max Lv.: HP+57 ATK+115

Link Race Bonus HP+300
Link Skill {{{link skill}}}
Link Passive Link Panel Up: Heart II
Increases Heal Panels' appearance rate by 6%.
Link Material 157-icon157-icon
Link Cost as Base Unit Money2368
Unlink Cost as Base Unit Money94
Her wish came true, but it brought her doubt. A gun directed at her, they could never return to that time. ”If we don’t meet again, we’ll always have our beautiful memories.” A fleeting love became a tragic one, filled with a pain that caused her to grow. Scarlet eyes stared at the bright red flower blooming, and then their relationship ended with a "Goodbye".

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