Holy Knight Lancelot Attribute Light Cost 20
No. 278 Rarity ★6 Race Human Max Lv 99
Basic Stats

Initial HP


Final HP

3634 Exp Type Type 5 Exp Curve 5000000
Initial ATK 809 Final ATK 1698 Fodder Exp Lv.*650 Price Lv.*450
Skills Leader Skill Name Light Rise: Life III
Effect 2.5x HP to Light type units
Active Skill Name Guinevere Heart Default Cooldown 45 Min Cooldown 30
Effect HP becomes 1, and deal 250000 fixed Light damage to a single enemy.
Normal Skill 1 Name Aroundight: Revolve Activation LightLight
Effect Large Light damage to a single enemy.
(2.3x ATK)
Normal Skill 2 Name Duo Elaine Activation LightLightLightLight
Effect Super Extra Large Light damage to all enemies.
(2.8x ATK)
Passive Skill Name
How to Obtain Friend Scratch No Rare Scratch No Other Evolved from Lancelot
Evolution 50px-277-iconEvoto50px-278-iconPlus1029-icon1027-icon1005-iconEvoto1012-icon
Friend Race Friend Level Friend Element Evolution Quest
Any Lv.40+ Light Trial of Light: Holy Class (光の試練: 聖級)
Link Bonus Min Lv.: HP+168 ATK+21

Max Lv.: HP+651 ATK+81

Link Race Bonus HP+250 ATK+5%
Link Skill {{{link skill}}}
Link Passive Link Panel Up: Heart II
Heal Panels have a 6% increased chance of appearance.
Link Material 1767-icon1758-icon1758-icon
Link Cost as Base Unit Money114974
Unlink Cost as Base Unit Money6898
Baring his teeth of betrayal to the Holy King, he activated his Revolver Shift, locking on his target with 【Aroundight : Revolve】. However, the Holy King still promoted a man like him to Holy Knight. To Lancelot, being a Holy Knight is not a proof of his loyalty; his heart, his body, everything was now bounded by chains. And him accepting this was the proof that he still hasn't given up on taking the Holy King’s head.


  • He ranked 28th in the 3rd official Divine Gate popularity poll and 46th, 6th, and 12th in the 5th through 7th polls.
  • He takes his code name after the knight of Arthurian legend, Sir Lancelot. His AS “Guinevere Heart” is a reference to Arthur’s wife Lady Guinevere, and his NS1 “Arondight” is Lancelot’s sword in legend. His NS2 “Elaine”, may be a reference to the three Elaine’s associated with Lancelot in legend, Elaine of Astolat, Elaine of Benoic, and Elaine of Corbenic.
  • His reawoken form’s skills are references to him being Viviane’s son, and "Caliburnus" is the latinised name of Arthur's sword Excalibur.
  • He is called “that guy” by Arthur.
  • Although not given his own unit for the April Fools event he takes the role of Arthur’s self proclaimed rival and joins the discipline committee in order to “overthrow” him.
  • His real name is Ryle.
  • He was raised by his foster parent Viviane, the Lake Fairy
  • Being good at cooking and house chores, he helps Viviane with these. But that resulted in him trying to suppress his feminine habits. [1]
  • His reawoken form's NS, Lake Kiss, is a physical attack. It's not throwing kiss. [2]
  1. Source: Twitter [1]
  2. Source: Niconico live broadcast Q&A [2]


  1. Character Banner Translation: “The one I want to kill, is not that guy right now.”
  2. Character Banner Translation: “The one I want to kill, is not that guy right now.”

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