Aqualia Town is the third set of quests in the Story Area, and is part of the Town Series. Monsters here are all water units. There are no Dark, Light, or Void Panels.

Mob List

Square Monster Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
1, 2, 3, 4 051-icon 26 84 2 3

051-iconLV. 1

3, 4, 5, 6, ! 063-icon 45 94 3 2 063-iconLV. 1
5, 6, ! 075-icon 48 160 3 3 075-iconLV. 1
! 190-icon 41 10 2000 1 190-iconLV. 1

Quest 1 - Dripping Water (滴る水滴)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
3 1 9 120

Boss Monster

Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
51 950 5 2

051-iconLV. 1

Right next to the Mother Sea, driplets dropped on Aqualia Town, blessed by water. The waterways that have been created all over the place sometimes also let evil waters drift. Coming from the sea, in a waterway one wandering demon swims elegantly. To take back their ordinary lives, the town's traffic network has been blocked off.

Quest 2 - Circulating Clear Stream (循環する清流)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
3 1 15 120

Boss Monster

Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
088-icon 70 1257 18 3 087-iconLV. 1
That quiet and beautiful stream was more than enough to make the autonomous drivers powered by water work. However, that was just when this power was used in a right way. The flowing clear stream gave birth to a negative cycle. The power of the water that been abused destroyed the divine protection of the city, and broke this peace.

Quest 3 - Young Blue Dragon (青の幼竜)

Stamina Floor EXP Rewarded Coins
5 1 29 160
Boss Monster Attack HP Defense Turn(s) Drop
030-icon 72 1689 10 3
LV. 1
The water flows beautifully, the young blue dragon from the deep sea showed up in the Capital. The tsunami was evoked, the breakwater was breached, the threat of the sea hit the Capital. To suppress the power of water, the force of wind must arise. To resist the threat of the sea, collect the wind in your hand and attack.

-First Completion Reward: 20px-Coin2x1

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